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Design studio

Amber has always inspired artists to create spectacular, breathtaking beautiful artworks. Combining old traditions with new, creative visions of amber, masters of design studio "Ukrainian Amber World" create artworks of different styles and forms, trying to follow the whisper of the "sun stone".

Design studio "Ukrainian Amber World" brings together the best artists of Ukraine and the World, those who create harmonious "amber space through design and art objects from the Ukrainian "sun stone": Iryna Karpova, Marco Santi, Lina Damiani, Andriy Kurylo, Vyacheslav Gutyrya and others.
The Association "Ukrainian Amber World" represents new, modern and nontrivial view of the sunny treasure of Ukrainian land - amber.
Each piece of amber in the artworks that are created for the projects of the "Ukrainian Amber World" Association is natural, environmentally friendly, extracted and treated with utmost respect to the nature and earth. The origin and quality of amber that is extracted in a legal industrial method is confirmed by State Gemological Centre by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

We create our Amber World, the world of amber angels, stained art-glass objects, sculpture, art mosaics and levcases, modern and stylish, based on the generous ground of cultural, spiritual and artistic heritage of past centuries and with the sincere faith in the future!