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Conference II

October, 16th-17th, 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine

- National Academy of sciences of Ukraine,
- The project “Ukrainian Amber World”.

With the support of:
- Ministry of Environmental protection of Ukraine
- Rivne region state administration
- International charity fund “Ukrainian Family”
- Unity of geologists of Ukraine.

UAW Scientific Committee:
Chairman: academician Gozhyk P.F., NASU, Institute of Geological Sciences at NASU, director (Kyiv)
Vice-chairmen: Lyzun S.O. – vice-minister of environmental protection of Ukraine;
Gierłowski W., the World Amber Council, President (Poland);
Yakymchuk M.A. – Corresponding Member, NASU (Kyiv)
Scientific secretary: Belichenko O.P., State Gemmological Centre of Ukraine [Ministry of Finance of Ukraine], Head of Department of Gemstones (Kyiv)

Members of the Scientific Committee:
prof Dr. Galetskiy L.S. – the head of the department of Geology of minerals IGN NASU;
Dovhy S.. (Kyiv) – Corresponding member NASU, deputy of Ukraine;
prof. Dr hab. Kosmowska-Ceranowicz (Poland) – geologist, the chief of the department of amber, the Museum of World PAN;
candidate of science Matsuy V.. (Kyiv) – senior research worker IGN NASU;
Dr Nesterovskiy V.A. – the chief of the Geological museum, KNU named after Shevchenko;
Dr Syabryai S.V. – senior researcher worker IGN NASU.

UAW Organizing Committee:
Chairwoman: Lemets H.V. – ICF «Ukrainian Family», Chairwoman of the Board (Kyiv)
Member of the Organizing Committee: Myklush M.I.
Coordinator : Aleksevich Tetyana.

The following issues are planned to be discussed during the conference:
1. The problems of current importance in the sphere of study of amber geology.
2. Prospects of searches and forecasting estimation of the deposit of amber.
3. Properties of amber and questions of it classifications.
4. Archeological researches and history of the development of amber in Ukraine and in the world, art development.
5. Museum aspect of amber study.
6. Lawful legislation in the sphere of extraction and usage of amber.
7. Processing of amber, use of amber in jeweler’s art.
Within the conference frameworks the following events are planned to be carried out:
• master-class on artistic processing of amber from the member of the unity of artists of Russian Federation, artist-restorer of the higher category on restoration of amber products, restorer of the Hermitage and Armoury Museum in the Kremlin, the leader  of the works connected with renewal of amber room A.A. Zhuravlev.
• round table on the topic : “Prospects of amber extraction in Ukraine”, Rivne
• excursions: “Rivne – amber land”
• festive banquet

Official languages – Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Conference Program (.doc)