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Association Ukrainian Amber World

Public organization " Ukrainian Amber World" Association" is currently the only non-governmental organization in Ukraine, which is aimed at popularization of Ukrainian amber from Rivne region in Ukraine and around the World. The purpose of the Association is to represent Ukraine as "amber country" on the international arena.

In the period between 2007 and 2013, the Association implemented several projects that allow to declare Ukrainian amber not only in Ukraine, but also abroad:
- three international scientific conferences were held;
- abstracts of reports and the digest of conference were published;
- round tables and press conferences on development, extraction and use of amber in the Ukraine were held;
- social events, festivals and exhibitions to promote the Ukrainian amber and focus attention on amber, as the art-object were organized;
- there were opened tourist facilities "Amber Museum" and the permanent exhibition "Amber mosaics in St.Sophia" in the National Reserve "St.Sophia of Kyiv" in Kyiv and the museum "Amber Palace" in Rivne;

The Association "Ukrainian Amber World" continues its educational activities. Founded in 2013 in cooperation with the National Reserve "St.Sophia of Kyiv" cultural and artistic project "Amber mosaics in St. Sophia" develops: in the framework of the project the excursions and practical workshops for children and adults are being held. In 2013 the Association participated in such important for the country's image international events as "The Days of Culture of Ukraine in the Republic of Azerbaijan" and "The Days of Culture of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey".

Association is an active participant of international programs in tourism, exhibitions, conferences, educational and culture projects.

We continue our "Amber Road" in space and time, opening up to the World a new look at amber, as a modern, unique, exclusive stone - a kind of "portal" that unites the past and the future into the one "amber reality of the present."

Let's respect the sunny treasure of Ukrainian land!
Let it be a beads that we, keeping warm sunny amber droplets in a hand, give in a prayer
with the same light and pure heart.
Let it be a cross for a Baby on its Christening day
in the memory of the land on which it was born.
Let it be a necklace for the Bride,
that protects her from the evil eye.
Let it be light icons to the Church
to thank God for His generosity.
Let this be the protective amulet,
that heals our weak bodies of affliction.
Everyone gets what he believes in!