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About project

Project “Ukrainian Amber World”

Project “Ukrainian Amber World” is aimed to present Ukrainian amber to Ukraine and to the World,  assist  in promotion of positive image of Ukraine as a country, which cares about its nature treasures, is proud of talented artists, is respectful to heritage of previous generations and cares about future of its nation.

Project “Ukrainian Amber World” consists of four main components:
- intellectually-spiritual
- scientific
- economic and legal
- cultural and artistic

Intellectually-spiritual component

"Museum of Amber" in the National sanctuary “Sophia Kyivska”, exposition hall “Warm Sophia”.
This standing exposition has to attract attention of the world to originality of Ukrainian amber and amber artworks.  Works of talented Ukrainian artists are presented in the Museum. Ceramics and glass, wood and metal, icons and artistic picture - amber gives the best fit to everything. Positive energy and great delight – is a gift of “sunny stone” to the guests of the Museum. >>>

“Angels Gallery” in the National sanctuary “Sophia Kyivska”.
The collection of angels figures is being prepared for the exposition “Angels of Sophia”, which will be situated on the second floor of the Southern Tower of National reserve “Sophia Kyivska”. Presently, the exposition is displayed in the Museum of Amber and in the Metropolitan’s house. >>>

Scientific component
Annual International Scientific-practical Conference “Ukrainian Amber World”..

First conference took place October, 17-20, 2007 and was supported by National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Ministry of preservation of the environment of Ukraine, Ministry of finance of Ukraine, State administration of Rivne region, International charitable fund “Ukrainian Family” and Union of geologists. The second International Conference will take place in Rivne in the context of regional project “The Capital of the country to the Capital of Amber land”. >>>

The Second International Conference “Ukrainian Amber World” will take place October, 16-18, 2008. >>>

Send an Application for participation in the Conference. 

Economic and legal component
- Organization of the round tables and working groups with participation of representatives of top management of enterprises, scientists, state authorities and public figures;
- Providing the informational support and cooperation with mass-media;
- Analysis of the current situation and development of propositions for the creation of the favorable economic and legal environment for amber extraction and processing in Ukraine.
Cultural-artistic component of the project

Video film “Ukrainian Amber World” reflects the most interesting moments of the creation of the project “Ukrainian Amber World” and interviews with scientists, state authorities and public figures, where they express opinion about the current state of Ukrainian amber industry and perspective of the development of this important branch. 

Kyiv Amber Ball
The event takes place annually, in October and May.
The first Kiev Amber Ball was organized by the project “Ukrainian Amber World” together with “Ukrainian Fashion Week” and took place on the October, 18, 2007. The guests of this festive enchanting spectacle were leading Ukrainian artists, jewelers, designers and public personalities. The main aim of ball is  the introduction of modern creative view of amber and creation of new modern trend.

A number of patronage projects
- Children’s “Fairy Ball” for Saint Mykolay’s Day, on December, 19, 2007 in tower hall of Kiev City State Administration.
- “Renascence of Archangel Mikhail figure and its exaltation to the broach of the Southern Tower of the National reserve “Sophia Kyivska”.