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 Amber is a warm ray of the sun, which had been carefully saved by Ukrainian land over 30 million years. From the ancient times it was considered as a talisman of happiness protecting from evil eye, a source of vital power and symbol of eternal youth.

Ukrainian land is rich with the deposits of this mysterious stone. Project “Ukrainian Amber World” presents amber, exacted from the amber mining “Volodymyrets-Skhidny” in Rivne region, Ukraine. Amber from Ukraine is valuable with its originality, variety of unique hues and colors, high content of siccine acid.

Amber is source of health
Healing properties of amber are widely used in the medicine all over the world. Amber acid (siccine acid) is a natural biostimulant and has antitoxic, antiphlogistic and anti-stress characteristics. It is very useful to wear amber beads if you have disease of thyroid gland, problems with respiration, of for detoxification, blood pressure normalization, increase of immunity. When amber touches your skin it warms up and opens its healing qualities.

Amber inspires

Light but full of energy amber takes the first place on beauty between semi-precious stones. Amber jewelry wins hearts of stylish and modern ones today as well as in the past. Combining old traditions and new vision of amber, artists of design-studio “Ukrainian Amber World” create modern Amber world, World of Amber Angels, stained-glass windows, icons, sculptures and, of course, jewelry.